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Every speaking engagement is an opportunity to create change. Silver Fox is your presentation design agency, creating the visual stories that persuade your audience through connection and understanding.
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Our presentation expertise

For over 25 years, our laser focus on presentation design has taught us how to understand your needs and deliver. We scale to support whatever size your engagement requires and efficiently deliver within budget. We are by your side as a friendly, problem-solving partner—providing exceptional customer service and excellence in presentation design.

Presentation production services

Our presentation design agency offers a complete suite of services in support of your engagement. Need presentation design and operation help at the event? Is your presentation on-brand and accessible to those with disabilities?

Presentation solutions

Hitting the mark is all about knowing your target audience. Are you a keynote speaker? A guest speaker at an event? Are you in sales and trying to seal the deal? Tasked with training staff? Whomever you are presenting to, we have designed presentations for that audience.

Helping our clients tell their stories

Silver Fox’s passion for their work makes all the difference when sharing it with people—it is contagious.
—David Carmona

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