We design presentations to help you succeed in live and virtual meetings and events.

Silver Fox has been a leading presentation design agency for over 24-years. Our expertise is in providing you services for translating complex and competitive stories into clear and simple presentation design that resonates with your audiences. We have a firm understanding on how to deliver what our clients truly need. If you are a speaker or someone supporting a speaker, we know that nerves, timelines, and budgets can be tight. Our design teams scale support to whatever size your live or virtual event requires, efficiently delivering your project within budget. As a friendly, problem solving partner, our promise is to provide exceptional customer service and maintaining excellence no matter the size of your event. This is the Silver Fox difference.

Our Presentation Design and Event Support Services

Every speaking engagement is an opportunity to create change. Capitalize on your keynote, virtual meeting or event, sales pitch, or breakout session with an amazing presentation.

For live, virtual, and hybrid events, we are here for you during rehearsals and last-minute edits. Our teams travel the globe, to make sure your presentation is perfect on screens big and small.

Hitting the mark is all about knowing your target audience. Whether you are presenting on stage or online, you can be sure that we’ve crafted presentations to suit your goal.

Your message and brand need to be consistent across all visual mediums. From online videos and virtual events, email templates, to printed and digital signage, we’ve got you covered.

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Together we create connections through
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With outstanding service and a thorough understanding of your objectives, Silver Fox is the presentation design agency that helps you visually communicate the power of your ideas, products, and services through exceptional presentation design.

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Helping our clients tell their stories through exceptional presentation design for over 24-years.

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We believe that the sum of who we are, as a team, is far greater than its parts, as individuals. That sum grows greater as we honor each other, as individuals. We feel the same way towards our clients as we do whatever it takes to help them succeed in their key moments in the spotlight. This is the spirit of our presentation design agency.


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Now that you know what we do, we invite you to join us to learn how we do it. Excellence in design and storytelling requires more than just following directions. It requires critical thinking, business acumen, an innovative mind, and an unending thirst for learning and growth. If this description fits you, we would like to meet you. Here is where you get started.