Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint

Among the influx of instruments being designed around modern technology, Microsoft PowerPoint remains a household name. Continued innovation fosters its role as an efficient, multi-faceted, presentation, and interactive design tool. Designing presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint works seamlessly with the Office suite of programs. Facilitating desktop and online work environments.

“We should just stop calling these things presentations altogether. Everyone gets hung up on that word. Wouldn’t it be easier to just call them conversations? That’s really what they are.

Dale Ludwig and Greg Owen-Boger

What PowerPoint has to Offer

Accessible Design Tools for Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint meets each individual where they’re at. Providing accessibility to all users and audiences is a top priority in feature development. Through easy navigation, design, animation, and accessibility functions can be performed within this single platform.

Advanced Presentations Design Features

Beyond the immediate, clickable, and common uses of PowerPoint, lay the eye-popping means for presentation greatness. Silver Fox is your expert in designing fantastic Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that help you stand out.

Robust Capabilities for Presenting

At its most fundamental purpose, Microsoft PowerPoint exists to present presentations. There are many options for sharing or projecting a presentation to an audience. Discover the multitude of functions in showcasing your slides for the optimum delivery and engagement.

Collaborative Editing with Microsoft PowerPoint

Presentations are designed to be shared. At their greatest potential, that sharing begins in phases far before a presentation reaches its audience. Collaboration in PowerPoint, between speakers and designers, is easy features like PowerPoint Online.

PowerPoint Features

There are several software options to choose from when designing your presentation. Each has it’s use depending on the needs of the presenter. We recommend that presenters working in a Mac environment use Keynote. PC users will get the most out of PowerPoint. Google Slides is best for presentations with collaborators working across both platforms.