Presentations with Apple Keynote

Keynote, free on Mac and iOS, is a powerful presentation tool with a simplistic, fun design. We enjoy designing presentations with Apple Keynote for its many great features. Built-in graphic editing tools like instant alpha, masks. An advanced pen tool, and over 700 shapes to build things like presentations, infographics, and UI mock-ups. Many of you work in a Mac-only environments. It is our commitment to be skilled at designing memorable presentations with Apple Keynote.

“Your computer should function as a “bicycle for your mind,” amplifying your own capabilities and ideas.

Garr Reynolds, Presentation Zen

What Apple Keynote has to Offer

A Clean Workspace for Designing Presentations

Keynote’s simplistic and intuitive interface makes diving in and getting started on a project fun and easy. The tools you need first are front and center, ready to go. As you delve deeper you’ll find a treasure trove of more advanced and helpful tools for graphic designers.

Editing Your Presentations on the Go

Pick up where you left up on your mobile device. Keynote for iOS seamlessly syncs with your desktop files and auto-saves everything. You can be sure you won’t lose any time worrying if you have the correct file.

Collaboration through

Apple Keynote is built into You can design, edit, share, collaborate, and store presentation files on any compatible web browser, regardless of your operating system.

Keynote Live for Presentations

Invite your audience to watch your presentation online through Keynote Live. Built right into to Keynote, simply press the Keynote Live button on the toolbar. You’re good to go!

Apple Keynote Features

There are several software options to choose from when designing your presentation. Each has it’s strengths, depending on the needs of the authors, designers, and speakers. We recommend that presenters working in a Mac environment use Keynote. PC users will get the most out of PowerPoint. Google Slides is best for presentations with collaborators working across both platforms.