Presentations with Google Slides

At Silver Fox, we are your gurus for presentation design with Google Slides. Whether it be an individual projects or bringing a keynote presentations to life, we have your solution for Google Slides. Convert files from one presentation software format to the other. Build a presentation from scratch. Clean up a project already in progress. We make sure your presentations meet the same high-level standards on any app, OS, or web service.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Henry Ford

What Google Slides has to Offer

Create and Connect from Anywhere with Google Slides

Remote workforces and telecommuting continue to expand as the new normal. Google Slides offers a strong set of collaboration tools for creating professional presentations, wherever your team may be.

Intuitive Presentation Design Tools for Ease of Use

In comparison to other presentation software, the user interface is simple and easy to use. Google Slides offers a streamlined set of tools. Users spend less time being inundated with features, and more time focusing on honing their content.

Present Without Limits Using Google Slides

Google offers a 100% free to use platform. Open on any device and any OS via their cloud service. Google Slides offers the flexibility and freedom to present on your terms.

Google Slides Features

There are several software options to choose from when designing your presentation. Each has it’s use, depending on the needs of the presenter. We recommend that presenters working in a Mac environment use Keynote. PC users will get the most out of PowerPoint. Google Slides is a great solution for teams collaborating across both platforms.