Presentation Training for PowerPoint and Design

Building a basic to intermediate level of proficiency in PowerPoint will increase your ability to build your thoughts and notes into a working presentation. This gives you a jumpstart before we engage with you on the final, show ready design. Empower yourself to eliminate any frustration or active avoidance of this great tool. Investing in this training will save a ton of budget on all of your future presentation projects, for you, your event budget, and everyone in your company.

We hold small group and online training sessions to help you build your content into the template that has been supplied to you. Our tips and tricks classes will help you navigate the software and save time. For larger events, this training is an excellent support service for your speakers. They will thank you.

Build your narrative

Learn the basics of how to transform “what” you need to say into “how” you are going to say it. You’ll learn how to construct your narrative into an engaging story for your targeted audience.

Let the template do the work

Master how to apply slide masters, preset and reset layouts, and import slides from other presentations and templates. Learn all of the attributes of a template that you have at your fingertips.

Save a ton of time

You’ll discover how to set up your quick access toolbar and use simple shortcuts. Master tools like the animation painter, eyedropper, views and grids and how to copy/paste styles and redo/duplicate.

Understanding tools and properties panes

Bend PowerPoint to your will by getting familiar with the options available in the animation, selection, properties, and many other panes.

Expand your PowerPoint prowess

Increase your facility with animations, transitions, tables and charts, and arranging, grouping, combining, and layering shapes. Learn about switching, cropping, and adding transparency to your photos.

Keep your file manageable

We will teach you best practices to optimize your presentation file so sharing and showing your slide deck doesn’t bounce of email, chug during cloud upload/download, or choke up your processor.

You were hired for your expertise, not for your PowerPoint prowess. Presentation software has very powerful design tools with many features that take years of concentrated training to master. We are here to help you learn the basics that will speed you through presentation creation to free up your time and energy.

By the way, I’d like to say I do not do my own slides, you can probably tell. I failed out in high school and so I reached out to this company called Silver Fox Productions, happy to send referrals to them.


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