Presentation Design

Success is important to you and presentations are always delivered in a moment where gaining consensus means success. A great presentation is a persuasive tool that aids in driving understanding and comprehension through visually reinforcing what you are saying.

We understand that your narrative, goals, and delivery platform are unique. We will help you navigate the differences in presentation design between live and virtual meetings and events. You get to collaborate directly with our talented design team as we customize our process to fit your specific needs.

Understanding your content

In order to visualize your story and concepts, we need to understand what you are talking about. The process of explanation and clarification helps to refine your message and is an excellent test to see if your audience will understand it as well.

Translating your words into visuals

Audiences don’t read and listen at the same time, so we turn your text into visuals. We work to simplify complex and abstract concepts so they are understood quickly. We look to use photography, iconography, and animation to bring clarity to your message.

Designing your presentation

You may need a quick and professional brand formatting of your slides or an extensive, one-of-a-kind masterpiece, but you always need to stand out and look fantastic. Our design team creates and presents options that suit you while clearly differentiating the design of your presentation.

Working until its perfect

Our collaboration is not complete until you are pleased and fully confident in the presentation you are going to deliver. We understand the creative process feedback-based revisions and we can make that happen all the way up to and even during your time on stage.

We have designed presentations for virtually every vertical and actively train to understand the changing landscape of technology so we can better visualize the power of your ideas, products, or services with clarity and simplicity. Let’s work together to transform your words into fantastic visual stories through excellent presentation design.

I wanted to personally let you know how much I value and relied on the design support Silver Fox provided at Inspire/Ready this week. I could not have delivered without you. Not only are you great designers, you are the best people to work with. I’m sure you know how wonderful you are but wanted to let you know we do too!


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