Presentation Design Services

Greatness in presentation design for live or virtual events and meetings is so much more than just making your slides pretty. Your complex and competitive story needs to be represented with clarity and simplicity. Our presentation design services support you from ideation through your speaking engagement. Let’s get started by building a solid and easy to use template as a foundation for creating your presentation. Take advantage of our presentation software training to empower your own presentation creation skills. And we can help make sure your presentations meet accessibility standards.

With outstanding service and a thorough understanding of your objectives, Silver Fox helps you visually communicate the power of your ideas, products, and services through exceptional presentation design.

Excellence in Presentation Design

The driving force behind live and virtual meetings and events is the successful communication of information to your audience. A skillfully crafted presentation is a core component to achieving the goals and outcomes in this medium of communication. Showing what you are saying capitalizes on these moments by ingraining your message into the minds of the audience. Aligning the design with your brand, your differentiation becomes associated with you or your company.

Presentation Template Design

Make your company or event brand distinguished and consistent with a beautiful presentation template. There are hundreds, even thousands of presentations created within your company or for your live or virtual event. A technically sound template will keep all of the individual slide decks in line with brand specifications. Silver Fox is the expert on creating custom presentation templates. Take advantage of template toolkits and slide starters that help you create your presentations.

Presentation Software Training

Better facility in PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote saves a lot of time and energy. Empower yourself to create a rough draft that is ready to take to the next level. Our classes are held in your offices or hosted online. They focus on the essential basics of the software, how to utilize slide starters, and work within a template. Presentation software training helps speakers work through their ideas and narrative before engaging our design team.

Accessibility for All Audiences

Your content needs to connect with everyone. Presentation tools are becoming more and more intelligent and inclusive. From accessibility audits to live subtitling and screen readers, we know how to design with these tools in mind. Please honor your entire audience by learning about best practices and the helpful resources below. When designing for live or virtual events and meetings, your content needs to be accessible for everyone.

Incredible Presentation Design

It is our desire to build a trusting relationships with each client we support. Great presentation design services are best accomplished when there is clear and honest communication. The creative process can be tricky to navigate due to its iterative nature. You’ll connect directly with our talented designers so that ideas and requests are understood. This direct access empowers our team to create their best possible work for you.

We stay on top of the latest developments in presentation tools so we can offer the best solutions. Advanced presentation projects succeed when you get to work closely with our Project and Creative Managers. Take advantage of our proprietary customer service platforms so we can serve you with efficiency in time and cost.

At Silver Fox, we specialize in incredible presentation design. We have earned our position as one of the best in the industry for 24-years. We obsess over delivering excellence in presentation design to help our clients shine on stage.