presentation design.

Transforming words and pictures into memory.

From existing content and visual assets to new stories with innovative design, Silver Fox Productions offers blended presentation services and expertise that help elevate your ideas into visual stories that motivate and inspire audiences into action.

Graphic Design

We look at each slide as a blank canvas for communication, stylizing and problem solving. Using various methods to create and combine words, symbols and images, we create a visual representation of your ideas that conveys a specific message to a particular group of people.

Art direction

The combination of art direction and design work hand-in-hand to give substance and humanity to design. Art direction brings clarity and definition to your work by creating a bridge to what you see and feel. It ultimately gives speakers tools that create emotional connections with their audiences.

Slide formatting

Trust us to make sure your content looks perfect on the big screen. We take existing and new presentations and adjust content into a thematic template for brand consistency. We focus on the organization and consistent arrangement of content through type and imagery alignment, font size, spelling, product names, punctuation, grammar, and slide transitions.

Project management

Our project manager’s primary goal is to monitor scope, time, quality and budget so you don’t have to worry and can focus on other things. They work with you from start to finish on every detail of your project to produce a unique and customized presentation that meets and exceeds pre-defined objectives.