presentation management.

FoxTrax™ is an automated presentation management system for seamless workflow at any scale

Powering stress-free presentation management, Silver Fox Productions is proud to announce FoxTrax. Built on over twenty-years of experience, FoxTrax automates presentation management based on the complete lifecycle of event content. FoxTrax uses a hybrid cloud model and simple user-interface. There’s no software to install and no learning curve. Presenters, event staff, and content owners enjoy a smoother logistical experience, freeing up more time and resources.

FoxTrax benefits

The enhanced experience includes:

·          A more efficient workflow before, during, and after your event

·          Smoother on-site updates even at the last minute

·          Streamlined communications with everyone involved

·          Real-time sync and safe file backup with the hybrid cloud solution

·          Seamless integration with existing systems

·          More high-value services for every event budget

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Manage workflows

Events usually rely on manual workflow management, using spreadsheets, to track and coordinate schedules, speaker data, documents, and more. With FoxTrax, all of the presentation details and related documents live in one system for simpler insight and management. The FoxTrax dashboard provides an inside look into a presentation’s life-cycle for real-time status and version control throughout the entire workflow.

Capture updates

The story doesn't stop evolving when the presentation starts. Presenters can make changes to the presentation right up to the end of their session. FoxTrax automatically retrieves the latest files and places a copy in a cloud backup folder to ensure that everyone has access to the correct presentation after the session and event.

Automated archival

Flawless on-site performance is important, but so is sharing presentation materials with an eager audience after the event. FoxTrax automatically prepares each file for seamless archiving and download. The system corrects file names, confirms presenters to the session catalog, removes notes and comments, deletes hidden slides, and compresses videos for manageable file size.