Our story of 2019: the rebrand

Act one

November 10, 2019

A company, in its very essence, is a sum of all its people and all of who they are. We believe our best ideas come from our employees, our people, whose diverse and exciting ideas germinate new evolutions to Silver Fox.

Some of our most bold and ambitious ideas were ushered in through new ownership in 2016, establishing new values and vision for the company. Silver Fox’s core values are rooted in empathy, teamwork, mindfulness, curiosity, ownership, and character. We believe we found the secret formula in both design and creating a sustaining culture driven to embody, embrace, and enact our foundational core values. In turn, this creates space for creativity and dreaming up innovative solutions in design.

With a fresh perspective and a newfound space for employees to blossom, it required a complete design rebrand, including a new logo that showcased our fresh and modern approach to design. Which, we believe, is a better reflection of the company and our trajectory for the future. After feeling enthused about our logo redesign, it was obvious that the dark, pallid website design needed fresh life breathed into it, as well. We wanted our website to reflect our company’s diverse, exciting, and colorful culture. That’s exactly what we set out to do a year ago.

If there’s anything that excites a company full of designers, it’s the ability to provide input, share ideas, and see their designs come to life! So, we assembled teams of designers to dream up concepts and ideas for the new website. We saw our designers take ownership in representing the company, as they poured their hearts into this project. It was a long journey and sometimes required tabling the design, as we focused on producing excellent work for our valued partners and clients. However, our team never lost sight in the overarching goal during this process: to create a website that reflects the vibrancy of Silver Fox and what we offer to our clients.

In October of this year, we reached the finish line and excitedly launched the newly reinvented website! It was through mutual efforts of teamwork, patience, and dedication to our craft that pulled it all together. The rebranding of our company is more than merely the color, font size, or shapes—it’s about embracing change and welcoming new, fresh perspectives. It’s about defining and living our core values, owning the culture of our workplace, and being thrilled to serve our clients.

In Act Two of our blog series, we will share how exploring and celebrating our artistic talents enriches our culture of creativity.

Mitchell Derrey
Director of Creative Services, Silver Fox Productions
Mitchell Derrey
Director of Creative Services, Silver Fox Productions

Mitchell joined Silver Fox in 2008 as a freelance Presentation Specialist where he was able to merge his passion for design and mentorship, as well as rise to a leadership position in the company. His proudest achievements have been in training new designers and providing coaching as they grow into their careers. He has traveled all over the world to support executives for some of the most well-known brands of our time. His 14+ years at Silver Fox has enriched his life both personally and professionally.

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