Our story of 2019: end of year celebration

Act Six

December 12, 2019

After traveling around the globe supporting 60+ large and small-scale events this year, and thirteen of those events falling in the last eight weeks, we needed to take some time to relax and wind down, get creative, and celebrate!

Since it is cold and wet this time of year in Seattle, with only about five hours of dim sunlight, a barbecue on the beach was out of the question. But even without the warm sand and sun, we knew we could still create a special celebratory day.

First up, in-office chair massages from our favorite corporate wellness company, Infinite Massage! The massage therapist worked magic in relieving stress and tension—and everyone who emerged after their session seemed to be positively glowing!

Next came terrarium building! Being an office full of creatives, its super fun to turn off the computers and get artsy. As everyone worked their way around the table of terrarium building supplies, little micro-worlds came to life. It was a blast witnessing ingenuity at play! There was a dinosaur sanctuary, a Legend of Zelda world, and a Pacific Northwest seascape that reminded me of summer. The terrariums went well with the paintings and neon signs we created from previous office parties. Our office is full of these art pieces and reflect the diversity of creative inspiration we all share.

Finally, it was time to dive into the high-five happy hour! Food, music, and fun complete with Silver Fox signature cocktails: the Silver Fox Martini and the Blue Fox Den. Each terrarium architect proudly displayed their work of art, as we relived great memories from our travels over the past month. Its good times toasting to other memorable moments through the year, or just hanging out together and talking about anything but work!

As the year comes to an end, there is much to celebrate. From welcoming new team members, to growth in our careers and helping our clients succeed through their toughest events, we did it together as a team.

Cheers to a successful year—and bring on 2020!

In act 7 of our blog series, we share more about ways Silver Fox gives back to our community and how we’ll continue to expand these endeavors in 2020.

Art by Julia Smorochinska.
Julia Bates
Client Relationship Coordinator, Silver Fox Productions
Julia Bates
Client Relationship Coordinator, Silver Fox Productions

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