Our story of 2019: a place for co-woofers and furry friends

Act Five

December 8, 2019

On my first day of work at Silver Fox, the friendliest corgi dropped a tennis ball at my feet, cocked one ear sideways and excitedly wagged his tail. I knew I couldn’t turn down a game of fetch with Leo the corgi, so I picked up the tennis ball and hurled it a few cubicles down. In that moment, as Leo zoomed down the hall, a budding friendship was born.

At Silver Fox, what we love more than presentation design are dogs! As a dog friendly office, we have found that our four-legged friends liven up the atmosphere, boost our overall mood, and serve as the most adorable distractions when we need a breather. Seattle was voted the #1 most dog-friendly city in the U.S. and we’re proud to take part in it!

Each of the dogs in our office brings different personalities, tricks, and loveable qualities.

Penelope, our regal Queen of the office, loves to jump in on conference calls and does an excellent job of keeping both humans and the other office pups in line. Her royal highness is also known by her nicknames, including “Peanut” or “P.” On her lunch breaks, P can be found wandering around cubicles and into offices to find treats.

Duke is just as noble as his name and also equally as patient. His extra special abilities include bringing a soothing and calming presence to the office. Often, best pals Duke and Leo can be found together, chasing after tennis balls or cleaning up stray ice cubes in the office kitchen.

Leo, named after Leonidas the Warrior King of Sparta, is our resident “fetch” expert. He also has the unique ability to sniff out treats from several offices away, especially when the treats are apples and carrots. Leo’s favorite activities are greeting everyone when they arrive to work and spreading his contagious joy!

Luna has the best style and often wears themed bandanas that match festive occasions and holidays. She may be the shyest gal in the office, but she doesn’t miss a moment to properly educate her furry work friends on how to expertly perform the “zoomies.”

Blue is the newest member of the Silver Fox family and is also the biggest member of the Silver Fox family. When this towering Great Dane puppy isn’t napping (because growing is hard work), Blue loves to play “tug” and share his toys with everyone in the office. Outside of the office, he can be found making friends everywhere he goes!

Phoebe is a precious 12-year old Yorki-poo, who works remotely from our Iowa office with her mom. Over the years, Phoebe has perfected many tricks, including high-ten, playing “dead,” the ability to spin, AND dance. She is as talented as she is sweet!

Our beloved Asoka or “So-key” passed away earlier this year. She was filled with love and often expressed her love while jumping up to give human-like hugs. One of her unique talents was being able to say “I love you” when excitedly greeting her human friends. While we miss her dearly, Asoka’s spirit lives on in our office every day.

We believe our “co-woofers” make the office a little brighter and help create a richer community!

In Act Six of our blog series, we’ll give you an insider peek on how we celebrated the Silver Fox team for a successful year during our End of Year celebration!

Photo by 43 Clicks North.
Julia Bates
Client Relationship Coordinator, Silver Fox Productions
Julia Bates
Client Relationship Coordinator, Silver Fox Productions

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