event services.

Seeing your speakers through the finish line.

Silver Fox has been supporting events large and small for over 20-years. We have a successful history in the planning, preparation, and execution of presentation design and management services. Our teams are on location to supply impeccable delivery, wherever you are in the world.


In the early stages of planning for your event, our event managers engage with you understand the goals, scope and scale of your endeavor. We work with key decision makers and handle logistics conversations with logistics and technical vendors. We construct a game plan to supply a talented team that is agile and efficient to insure successful execution. 

preparation and execution

As your event approaches, we manage timelines to keep your speakers on schedule. We want to be sure the keynotes have sufficient time to develop and the breakout presentations are ready to be delivered to the event. Our team works to finalize the presentation design so that speakers can focus on their rehearsals and performance.

The finish line for successful presentation design and support is at the end of a speaker’s talk. The team you have been working with plays an important part in getting them there. We travel around the world to provide on-the-spot support for their successful performances. Here’s how:

Keynote Support

Our presentation design support follows you to your event. We continue our creative collaboration for an extra level of confidence onstage. Our designer attends rehearsals and manages edits real time, working with you and your team making sure everything goes as planned.

Breakout Support

Silver Fox assists your speakers with our proven method of presentation support for breakout sessions. Our scalable teams have the capacity to provide service to events featuring 2000+ presentations. We are there to make things simple so the speakers can focus on making their performance a success.

On-site Design Support

Silver Fox has designers available to assist with the design, proper branding, and quality control that your speakers need. Whether it is creating a graphic based on a napkin sketch or making sure all presentations are in line with event define specifications, our flexible team is there to help.

Presentation Operation

Presentations can get quite complex with animations, transition timing, and live execution. You can trust our presentation operators to run your presentations while you are onstage. Because we built the presentation with you, we have the advantage of knowing exactly what needs to happen and when.