Digital Media Design

Branding, theme graphics and imagery, and your presentation content and concepts. These all need to be translated into a variety of digital formats for your live or virtual meeting or event. You’re looking for consistency, easy collaboration, and designers who are experts in their native design tools. It is best practice to reduce the number of vendors you need to fulfill all types of design deliverables. Our designers help you translate your message into all forms of digital media design.

Infographic Design

Products, services, platforms, and processes can be complicated and intangible. Your audience may just be learning about your specific area of expertise. Success depends on their grasp of the material. Infographics illustrate complex ideas clearly. Whether it is a web graphic, printed signage, or an animated diagram in a presentation. Help your audience comprehend your SaaS, PaaS, cloud solution, AI innovation, or any other great idea you are cooking up.

Motion Graphics Animation

The medium of digital animation is an excellent way to walk your audience through a complex story. Motion graphic animations should be part of your communications strategy. Deliver through presentations, narrated video, self-guided training, or email communication. Silver Fox uses a step-by-step animatic methodology to translate your script into a dynamic motion graphic animation. We believe that a great balance between subtlety, purposefulness, and entertainment will grab and hold your audience’s attention.

Digital Email Templates

A well-branded email is an excellent tool to promote your event or share information with internal teams. An important, and often overlooked, factor is how the email will look in Outlook and on mobile. Your communication needs to retain its visual professionalism. Layouts for banner, graphics and photos, fonts, and formatting are necessary. A proper Outlook email template is set up so it is easy for you to enter your content and hit send with confidence.

“I don’t know how you managed to keep all of the content stakeholders in sync with such short delivery timelines, but you did a GREAT job keeping everything on track and organized. Excellent communication on both sides allowed this project to be completed seamlessly. Kudos to all involved and I’d like to reiterate my THANKS to the Silver Fox team for their professional and creative partnership.”


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