Built on decades of event experience, FoxTrax™ is our automated presentation workflow platform and content management system.

Seamless delivery at any scale.

Presentation and Content Management Platform

Your standard content management system simply allows for the movement of files from here to there. That is not good enough when it comes to the true lifecycle of presentation content during a live event. The presentations need to be processed through a design team, content reviews, and revision cycles. FoxTrax™ fills this gap that your content management system simply isn’t built to do.

Our system enables real-time collaboration between your speakers and our design team. Presentation content is automatically delivered to the right room at the right time. It is then pulled back for archival and distribution. FoxTrax™ can even be integrated with your event management, speaker resource tool, and session planning grids. Once you add FoxTrax™ to your event, you’ll wonder why you put yourself through the headaches of presentation management before.

We appreciate the patience and flexibility of your team as you worked in tandem with the content team to ensure that PowerPoints were scrubbed, made show ready, and pushed to presentation machines in a timely manner. Your team was also instrumental in ensuring that we talked through all processes for onsite as a team to ensure there were no surprises onsite. This year we surpassed the number of PowerPoints captured, not just for Microsoft Ignite, but for any Microsoft event.


FoxTrax™ uses a hybrid cloud model and simple user-interface. There’s no software to install and no learning curve. Presenters, event staff, and content owners enjoy a smoother logistical experience, freeing up time and resources.

Benefits to your event

A more efficient workflow before, during, and after your event

Easier content updates at the event, even at the last minute

Streamlined communications with speakers, event management and production crews

Real-time sync and safe file backup within the hybrid cloud solution

Seamless integration with content and production systems

Increased high-value services for every event budget

Manage workflows

Events usually rely on spreadsheets to manually track and coordinate schedules, speaker data, documents, and more. With FoxTrax™, all presentation details and related documents live in one system for simpler insight and management. The FoxTrax™ dashboard provides the real-time status of each presentation and ensures version control throughout the entire workflow.

Capture updates

The story doesn’t stop evolving when the presentation starts. Presenters can make changes to their presentation right up to the end of their session. FoxTrax™ automatically retrieves the latest files and places a copy in a cloud backup folder. This ensures that everyone has access to the final presentation after the session and event.

Automated archival

Flawless on-site performance is important, but so is sharing presentation materials with an eager audience after the event. FoxTrax™ automatically prepares each file for seamless archiving and download. The system standardizes file names, confirms the presenter’s name matches the session catalog. Notes and comments are removed. Hidden slides are deleted and videos are compressesed for manageable file size.

FoxTrax™ is a central nucleus that all presentation files automatically go through. Maintaining version control and updating event info as things change. Pushing files to their intended locations, and immediately archiving the files after they are presented. The presentations are up-to-date on the event website. FoxTrax™ can also input metadata to make each file searchable on SharePoint sites or other locations after the event. It automates all of the file management processes our team has been doing manually for years.

Errors are minimized and more time is available to focus on working with speakers to create perfect presentations.

Presenters can upload their presentations directly into FoxTrax™, using the password that Silver Fox provides them. This allows presenters to have access to their presentations just by logging in. With FoxTrax™ handling all file management, we get to spend our time helping you.

We’ve also made sure FoxTrax™ is cost effective for our clients. It reduces the number of Silver Fox designers needed onsite. Designers are able to support an event without physically being there. This provides cost savings for each event we support.