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Influencing change.

Silver Fox Productions turns your great ideas into fantastic presentations. Our storytelling team creates magic with powerful story structure and attention-grabbing design. But, in reality, it’s the hard work, dedication and creativity of our talented staff that produces memorable and influential presentations.

Founded in 1996, Silver Fox Productions is the brainchild of Ellen Moos, a pioneer in presentation design and infographics. At the beginning, Silver Fox was a small but mighty creative team that foresaw that presentations would transform communications. Today we’re a trailblazer in an emergent industry attracting Fortune 100 clients and renowned speakers.

Where it all started.

Not many people start their creative careers at the helm of a ferry boat. But Ellen Moos has always done things a little differently. Silver Fox Productions’ founder is driven by an unstoppable passion for memorable work that has made the company a leader in the now-influential field of presentation design.

Rooted in early storytelling, effective presentations allow people to share information and inspire loyalty. With modern technology came the ability to combine sophisticated visuals and words for even greater impact. Ellen saw the potential early on, before infographics and YouTube took the stage. Her vision was to help people find inspiration in their messages and connect with their audience on a personal level.

From an office curtained off at the top of a ferry boat docked at San Francisco’s Embarcadero, Ellen moved to Seattle to create executive presentations for a pre-PowerPoint Microsoft. As technology evolved, so did Silver Fox Productions and Ellen saw an opportunity to build a company dedicated to the improvement of corporate storytelling.

Whatever it takes.

In this business, everyone has a war story. A last minute update before presenting to thousands, a deck that won’t load or a slide out of place. Silver Fox Productions has become legendary for our exacting mastery of the details and dogged determination to make things right stemming from an incident years ago.

Ellen and a team of designers were working against the clock on PowerPoint presentations for Microsoft’s massive TechEd conference. With hundreds of presentations due in two weeks, the company’s building was shut down for code violations. In a time long before cloud computing, Ellen had to think fast, and smart, to meet the event deadline. She pulled a few strings and, soon after, an RV pulled into the company’s parking lot, electrical cables dropped from the third floor of the building through windows of the RV and rigged up to oversize desktop computers and a printer sitting in a sink. With no room in the RV, Ellen worked in the driver’s seat, eight designers perched on parallel boards in the back and two people in charge of version control and editing. This positioned the team to complete more than 450 presentations in time for a successful conference.

Dream it, love it.

This determination is still a fundamental company principle along with a desire to help people connect with others and have their message heard. Over the years, we’ve found it takes a unique skill set to create the most engaging presentations. Our design team continually brainstorms for fresh and innovative ways to create impact in visual storytelling. Our staff members learn how to deconstruct information and turn it into a compelling story arc accompanied by visual elements and animation that tie it all together.

Ellen always says that if you envision something it will come true. Silver Fox Productions is the result of a vivid imagination that brought presentation design into the mainstream and storytelling to the forefront of corporate consciousness. Today we still embrace opportunity and innovation.