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Now that you know what we do, we invite you to join us to learn how we do it. Excellence in design and storytelling requires more than just following directions. It requires critical thinking, business acumen, an innovative mind, and an unending thirst for learning and growth. If this description fits you, we would like to meet you. Here is where you get started.

Join us!

We are looking for you to become a Project Coordinator at Silver Fox!

Position Overview

The Project Coordinator (PC) is an entry-level position for an exciting career in project and event management. The PC starts off by learning the ropes as a vital support role for the Management and Senior Leadership teams through a wide range of administrative duties. As a PC, you will receive and benefit from Silver Fox’s extensive training and mentoring programs with the opportunity to advance into project and account management.

To be a success, a PC displays a great aptitude and passion for growth and learning, customer service, business acumen, organizational skills, and attention to detail. The PC is an effective communicator, active listener, and a welcome addition to our Silver Fox team and company culture!



  1. A Bachelor’s degree is preferred but is interchangeable with relevant work experience.
  2. Supplemental training and education to elevate the skills necessary to perform the tasks above is advantageous.

Specialized abilities/skills

  1. Excellent oral and written communication skills demonstrated by effective delivery of all information and duties described above; also includes the writing of internal and client communications.
  2. Excellent organizational skills demonstrated though the fulfillment of all duties described above.

Primary duties

  • Identifying and solving the administrative support needs of Senior Leadership, Directors, and Managers.
  • Making travel, meeting, and logistical arrangements, preparing reports and financial data, project invoicing and other business-related tasks as requested.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with all levels of internal management and staff, as well as outside clients and vendors.
  • Able to represent and advocate for SFP when contacting clients upon request.
  • Take on a variety of internal projects that are essential to the various functions of the SFP business.
  • Projects will have preset goals and may require research and creative problem solving.
  • Writing of official documentation may be required upon completion of a project involving SFP protocols and policies.

If you are qualified and interested in becoming part of a team of visual storytellers,
please send your cover letter, resume, portfolio, and application to careers@silverfoxprod.com.

Silver Fox is an equal opportunity employer.