Executive Level Certification

Over the last few years, we have identified two emerging needs within our designer training program: building a stronger bench of expert level design talent and proactively equipping our design staff to meet the challenges of presentation design with confidence, efficiency, and expertise. In response to these needs, the Executive Level Certification (ELC) program was born. ELC participants are led through a series of lessons and challenges, preparing them to take on any project that comes their way.

The ELC course was built to address not only design skills, but also to grow junior designers into full-fledged professionals. We realize that design skills are developed over time, but no school program really prepares designers to use presentation software like we do. Creating innovative and beautiful presentations is our specialty, and we love mentoring and developing designers’ skills in this medium.


While there is a small group of mentors who run the ELC, the task of training and equipping our designers is shared across the whole team. From Creative Managers and Team Leaders to Mentors and Trainees, it is truly a group effort!

Allow me to share a few of the highlights from our most recent ELC cohort.

Taylor participated in an SFP infographic initiative last year, but felt that his work had room to grow. He took his personal ELC project as an opportunity to build on that effort. He went outside his comfort zone by creating 3D models to drive the concept around Screen Printing 101. We could tell he really enjoyed creating something around a personal passion.

Priscila had participated in an externally run Executive Design Certification in the past, but coming off a sabbatical, wanted to reset and refresh her skills utilizing our newly formed internal program. Her personal project also really stood out. She did an informative slide set around the hidden gems of the Pacific Northwest, which showcased a solid stylized design and some simple and elegant animations.

David has been with SFP for over 10 years, having the most tenure out of all the participants this round. It was impressive to see him step in and take the initiative to sharpen his skills outside of his day-to-day work. He participated in some spirited peer review sessions and really stepped up his game on a specific reconcept of a timeline slide. I think this design has many practical applications in our client work.

Auri stood out in her ability to distill information into simple and easy to understand concepts. Often, speakers are so close to their content that they struggle to communicate it clearly to others outside their field. As designers, we advise our clients to explain their heavy subjects in the simplest terms, then use that simplified information to tell a compelling visual story. Our goal is to make the audience walk away understanding the key messages and concept, and Auri proved she could do this effectively while maintaining a great aesthetic.

Finally, Megan’s ELC work really displayed her ability to understand the goal of a slide. In her example, she took a complex idea of showing comparison of a solution with and without a partnership. The simple solution she employed of a linear step-by-step showcase helps the audience to easily follow the visual and the speaker. The minimalistic use of color and iconography also allows the message to be front and center without any distraction from over the top visuals. With a view into the structure of this slide set outside of show mode, one can see how easily editable the slides are; set up with each animation on its own slide. This is important for last minute onsite changes just before showtime.

Our ELC team this year was outstanding and I’m excited to see how they continue to push the boundaries of presentation design, beyond what most people believe PowerPoint can do!

Executive Level Certification (ELC) Program

Over the last few years, we have identified two emerging needs within our designer training program: building a stronger bench of expert level design talent and proactively equipping our design staff to meet the challenges of presentation design with confidence, efficiency, and expertise. In response to these needs, the Executive Level Certification (ELC) program was born. ELC participants are led through a series of lessons and challenges, preparing them to take on any project that comes their way.

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Great presentations have the ability to transform and empower their audiences. But when a presentation is a part of a bigger event, it’s easy for the quality and authenticity of the story to get lost in the shuffle, amid the increasing complexity of event logistics. At Silver Fox, we work tirelessly to make sure our clients’ stories shine throughout the event process, from idea to design to delivery.

Our full range of event services include template design, one-on-one presentation support, event content management, and backstage presentation operation. Our talented teams are trained to create stunning, accessible, effective presentations. We work closely with key decision makers and vendors to construct a logistics game plan for each event we support, supplying a talented on-site team that is agile and efficient to ensure successful execution. Every event is comprised of thousands of presentation details and we know how to roll with the changes, even up to the last minute.

Our automated presentation management tool, FoxTrax, helps to enhance the presentation experience at any scale. With FoxTrax, hundreds of presentations are processed, cued up for delivery onstage, then captured and archived for future use. Utilizing FoxTrax on-site at events allows speakers to focus on a successful performance, knowing the details are taken care of. Presenters, event staff, and content owners enjoy a smoother logistical experience, freeing up time and resources.

We have successfully supported hundreds of events and over 250,000 presentations over the last two decades. We have built trusted partnerships with our clients by providing excellence in presentation design, management, and execution, and we are here to help you level-up your event delivery.


At Silver Fox, our talented team of designers specializes in incredible presentation design, and we’ve earned our position at the top of the industry over the last 20 years. But what does it really mean to deliver design solutions, and what makes Silver Fox unique?

We specialize in the nitty gritty details so our clients can focus on what matters most—giving a great talk. We geek out about the latest presentation tools, from PowerPoint to Illustrator, and we obsess over delivering creative results that allow our clients to tell their stories well.

The design process can be tricky to explain to those who are unfamiliar with its iterative nature, but we strive to break barriers between designers and clients so that ideas flow freely. Great design is best accomplished when there is open connection and communication. To that end, we work hard to build a trusting relationship with each client we support.

Internally, we’ve set up a support structure to empower our design team to create their best possible work. Our creative managers and directors work closely with designers every day to give them the tools they need to be successful and meet the demands of increasingly advanced design projects.

Fundamentally, we remain design-centric at our core. We’re constantly on the lookout for new technologies that might enhance the quality and impact of our graphic design. We lean into digital transformation so we can do we do best—help our clients shine on stage.


In the world of events, innovation is key to providing an attendee experience that is engaging and exciting. With advancements in AR and VR, accessibility, and mobile apps, event content is now available more quickly and in more innovative forms than ever before. As technology rapidly connects and expands our world, we’re looking at how these changes can improve our processes and offerings.

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Blip: Life Really IS Too Short

One of our frequent partners, Message Glue, is made up of husband and wife team Ken and Anna Boynton. Anna is a communications coach, and we’ve worked with her for the last six years on TEDx Seattle, as well as other events. Her husband, Ken, is the writer and creative side of the company, and he creates connected and compelling content. Recently we attended the launch party for Ken’s newly published book “Blip”.

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The art of storytelling from a guru

Storytelling has been a primary means of passing down information for thousands of years. From cave paintings, to oral narratives, to music and dance, stories help us to examine and share our world with others. While the ways and technologies that we use to tell stories are ever evolving and changing, the roots and principles of storytelling remain the same. Here at Silver Fox, we help clients craft and deliver compelling stories every day.

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Giving back: an interview with the Union Gospel Mission

Working downtown, we encounter homelessness and poverty on a daily basis. As we drive into work, we see people living under bridges, tents up on street sides, and young people with signs asking for money. In the last year or two, I’ve noticed that the situation seems to be getting worse, and seems to be spreading farther north and south of downtown.

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Thoughts from behind the TEDxRainier curtain

As presentation designers, we don’t regularly get to work with a speaker AND watch their final delivery of the slides. It often feels like we send our work out into the ether. TEDx Rainier gave us an opportunity to see our work come to fruition, and to work alongside the cast of speakers – a surprising mixture of characters that are each unique, yet strangely tied together through TEDx’s carefully orchestrated theme.

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Mel Carson on Integrated Marketing and Branding

Mel Carson (@MelCarson) is a digital strategist who helps businesses understand and make the most of digital media and technology. He’s often tapped to be a keynote speaker at many events and conferences. We had the opportunity to get an update from him first-hand about his book, “Pioneers of Digital.” Mel shares a few of his insights about digital strategies, integrated marketing and branding.

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“Known and Unknown”: Branding TEDxRainier 2014

We’re very excited to announce that Silver Fox Productions will once again provide presentation development and backstage support for this year’s TEDxRainier (www.TEDxRainier.com). TEDxRainier offers a forum for some of today’s most brilliant minds to meet together at a public event where they tell their stories and define their aspirations for physical, medical, biological, astronomical, you-name-it, advancement. This will give us another chance to work with speakers building their own unique stories.

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Five things we learned from the Silver Fox brand refresh

Over a year and a half ago, we began updating the Silver Fox identity to feel modern and personable. Our company is known in the industry as the go-to experts in presentation design, so we wanted to maintain the credibility that is associated with our brand. Since Silver Fox has grown quite a bit over the past few years, our identity needed a revamp that showcased who we are and why we’re so great to work with.

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Using copyrighted media correctly in your presentation

We touch thousands of presentations and see that many presenters use photographs, artwork, videos, or music found using search engines or from third parties in their presentation. This third-party material requires a license for the particular media. Using copyrighted material can be effective in your presentation, as long as you obtain the appropriate permission in advance. We’ve put together some suggested ideas and sources to help you.

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Art in the neighborhood

Every day, I walk past the north side of Century Link field on my way to Silver Fox offices and look up at the tower that includes four giant, metal circles wondering what they symbolize or what they mean. After some investigating, I learned that the discs, designed by Bob Haozous, an artist who has defined Native American sculpture, were among a number of pieces commissioned for the arena.

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