December 13, 2018 Mitchell Derrey

Great presentations have the ability to transform and empower their audiences. But when a presentation is a part of a bigger event, it’s easy for the quality and authenticity of the story to get lost in the shuffle, amid the increasing complexity of event logistics. At Silver Fox, we work tirelessly to make sure our clients’ stories shine throughout the event process, from idea to design to delivery.

Our full range of event services include template design, one-on-one presentation support, event content management, and backstage presentation operation. Our talented teams are trained to create stunning, accessible, effective presentations. We work closely with key decision makers and vendors to construct a logistics game plan for each event we support, supplying a talented on-site team that is agile and efficient to ensure successful execution. Every event is comprised of thousands of presentation details and we know how to roll with the changes, even up to the last minute.

Our automated presentation management tool, FoxTrax, helps to enhance the presentation experience at any scale. With FoxTrax, hundreds of presentations are processed, cued up for delivery onstage, then captured and archived for future use. Utilizing FoxTrax on-site at events allows speakers to focus on a successful performance, knowing the details are taken care of. Presenters, event staff, and content owners enjoy a smoother logistical experience, freeing up time and resources.

We have successfully supported hundreds of events and over 250,000 presentations over the last two decades. We have built trusted partnerships with our clients by providing excellence in presentation design, management, and execution, and we are here to help you level-up your event delivery.

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