In the world of events, innovation is key to providing an attendee experience that is engaging and exciting. With advancements in AR and VR, accessibility, and mobile apps, event content is now available more quickly and in more innovative forms than ever before. As technology rapidly connects and expands our world, we’re looking at how these changes can improve our processes and offerings.

For decades, Silver Fox has led the field in onsite presentation management, and from our perspective, if we’re not pushing forward, we’re falling behind. As our industry is rapidly evolving, we’re looking at the future of events and are excited for the ways we can continue to push the boundaries.

Our latest innovation, FoxTrax, makes updating and moving thousands of files as simple as the click of a button. Far from the old days of “sneaker net”—when files had to be physically run from one end of a convention
center to the other—FoxTrax automates the labor-intensive tasks of prepping, moving and tracking files, ensuring our clients get a seamless experience. We provide the human component—creating beautiful presentations—and let FoxTrax do the rest!

These are just the things we’re ready to talk about. We’ve got a few surprises coming in the next few months, from a brand refresh to a new customer experience. Keep your eye out for these exciting changes as we work on making your Silver Fox experience even better!