May 19, 2017 Mitchell Derrey

If you’ve attended a conference or tradeshow lately, you have probably noticed the bar steadily rising on your experience. Or not. While the communication of rich content will always be king, the methods in which it is presented is changing. And outside of your keynotes and breakouts, you are probably seeing some pretty wild stuff going on to make your experience much more inspiring. The difference between an awesome event and a ho-hum event is in the adoption of amazing event technologies that are designed around your experience and how you consume information.

In this blog series, we are discussing how new technologies are being put to use to enhance your event experience. We will be weighing in with thought leaders in the realms of virtual events, integrated event management platforms and virtual reality while sharing a perspective on how best practices have evolved.

Just imagine sitting in your PJ’s in Seattle, slipping on a pair of VR goggles and teleporting into a three dimensional space to watch a live keynote that is happening in Singapore. Or, you are on a business trip in Singapore (sealing a deal) and completely miss your sales kick-off event. You log in to the virtual event site, browse the library of archived recordings and consume on demand with your mobile device. Planning an event and need 66% of your time freed up? Ditch the Excel spread sheets, endless email strings and the scratchy walky-talky conversations by embracing event management automation.

Of the over 1.3 million events held each year, 76% of them are still not using current event technologies. That event you are planning is just one in a market where competition to draw growth in attendance and sponsorship is getting tougher and tougher. It’s time to bring in some event magic!