April 6, 2017 Mitchell Derrey

Like most of you, I spent a lot of my school days dreaming of the day that I wouldn’t be required to go to school anymore. Ironically, as soon as I left, I just wanted to go back. Personally, what I missed most was the steady diet of feeding my brain with teachings of the past and present. With grad school fading away in the rear view mirror, it became readily apparent how important self-initiated study, research, and revelation are to continued
personal and professional growth. Curiosity and passion are not only powerful drivers to never let yourself settle into a state of arrested development, but more importantly, they make us feel alive and prosperous.

As we move on to careers, routines, and the challenges of being an “adult”, these drivers can get weighed down or even come to a halt. Unfortunately, one of the biggest factors that we let cause this is what we spend most of our time doing…work, our day job, the thing that pays the bills. I don’t believe it has to be that way. In fact, I believe that employers should encourage and support the pursuit of continued education, even if it risks watching a great employee outgrow your company. Ideally, if you are doing things right, then the individual’s growth moves in tandem with the company’s growth.

It is in this spirit that Silver Fox is enacting a tuition reimbursement program that provides scholarship funding in support of the belief that an individual’s pursuit of learning and knowledge is essential for personal, career, and company growth.

I am so pleased to announce and congratulate Alyssa Jones as our inaugural recipient of the Silver Fox Scholarship Fund as she has been accepted to the University of Washington to earn her Masters of Communications
degree. May your curiosity and passion for learning bring something to all of our futures.