December 15, 2016 Mitchell Derrey

2016 has been a year of growth and achievement here at SFP. We have travelled around the world supporting new and steadfast clients, expanded our team with fresh faces, conquered innovative ways of presenting information, and had a great time accomplishing it all together. Join us over this next month as we explore (in no particular order) ten amazing moments of 2016.

While striving to reach our potential, we should always remind ourselves of the journey and celebrating what life grants us. The following are milestones we’ve hit as individuals and a company this past year.

  • 13-year Silver Fox veteran, Scott Karman, took up the reigns as owner of our company.
  • Many new programs were launched to reward achievement in career growth and excellent performance.
  • We celebrated Kaylee’s 10-year anniversary as a Silver Foxer.
  • Brittany’s absolute dedication earned her a spot as Team Leader and Senior Designer.
  • Mitchell has become our first Creative Manager, a position he helped to create.
  • Amber and Alyssa’s awesomeness propelled them to Account Manager and Senior Project Manager (respectively).
  • Joe, Mark and Jenn all earned well deserved promotions.
  • And I found my next steps on my path by becoming a Project Manager.
  • Amber and her husband welcomed their new baby boy, Ari Knox, into the world.
    • Priscila and her husband brought a little baby brother, James, home to older brother Jonathan.
    • Jeremy and Madison have blessed us with two new furry friends named Duke and Penelope.

    We look forward to what life and work brings our way in 2017.