December 20, 2016 Mitchell Derrey

2016 has been a year of growth and achievement here at SFP. We have travelled around the world supporting new and steadfast clients, expanded our team with fresh faces, conquered innovative ways of presenting information, and had a great time accomplishing it all together. Join us over this next month as we explore (in no particular order) ten amazing moments of 2016.

This year we had a great opportunity to run an internal competition designed around a new PowerPoint feature called Morph. As designers at Silver Fox, we pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of presentation software, especially PowerPoint. We wanted to see what we could do with this new tool. Even see if we could break it!

Six of our designers entered in hopes of winning the first, second, and third place prizes. All submissions were amazing and the judging was tough. However, Zach, Joe and Calder were our three winners of the cash

The samples even helped to kick-off a partnership with the PowerPoint team at Microsoft. Meeting with them at their offices in the Bay Area, we were able to give direct feedback regarding the new tool.

Check out our portfolio page to see a couple of the samples. Also check out some tips and tricks from the PPT team at Microsoft here.