December 19, 2016 Mitchell Derrey

2016 has been a year of growth and achievement here at SFP. We have travelled around the world supporting new and steadfast clients, expanded our team with fresh faces, conquered innovative ways of presenting information, and had a great time accomplishing it all together. Join us over this next month as we explore (in no particular order) ten amazing moments of 2016.

There are times during the year when we are between jobs and free to be creative. I enjoy using this time to work on projects that can offer an opportunity to grow outside my already established skill set. With that in mind, earlier this year I invited other interested designers to participate in our Infographic Initiative—creating infographic pieces of our own theme choices and personal interest. This initiative not only creates the opportunity to showcase another facet of our artistry—something not always seen in our daily work—but also brings us together at each check point meeting to discuss ideas, insights, and brainstorming solutions with each other. On a personal level, this opportunity gives me a chance to practice leadership skills and I am so glad Silver Fox can give us this space where we grow as professionals. I can’t wait to see the end results of this project! Stay tuned in January!