December 6, 2016 Mitchell Derrey

2016 has been a year of growth and achievement here at SFP. We have travelled around the world supporting new and steadfast clients, expanded our team with fresh faces, conquered innovative ways of presenting information, and had a great time accomplishing it all together. Join us over this next month as we explore (in no particular order) ten amazing moments of 2016.

This past August marked the 20th anniversary of the founding of Silver Fox Productions. And while I’m not big on measuring things based on how many times the earth has circled the sun, this did strike me as a pretty amazing moment for 2016. It has been cause for reflection on what it took to get us here. There are the blunders and missteps that eventually make us more wise and successful. There are amazing twists of fate and touches of luck. But the best part is being a part of a remarkably talented team while partnering with wonderful clients and speakers, many of
which we call friends.

We are now in our 21st time around the sun and something even more amazing is on the horizon. What can we make happen in our next 20 years?